some facts:

-the temple itself is constructed almost entirely of trash and reused materials. in other words, a lot of dumpster diving and scavenging went into the making of the thing. all in all, about 20-30 people touched it in some way, large or small.

-the overall aesthetic was conceived of and executed largely by my friend shrine, a talented artist from pasadena who has been doing this sort of thing (though not quite at this scale) for many years. he is a force of nature and it was a pleasure working with him.

-i designed the structure, which when fully built is somewhere between 32 and 35 feet tall. in ideal conditions, it can be built in a single day and taken down in four hours. it packs flat and travels well, and has been to festivals in oregon, chicago, nevada, and colorado.

-the lower level is made of painted windows. the second level is refashioned and adorned trim. the third level is random junk (representing four separate faces), and the fifth level are two old steel barrels that were reformed by shira loa and treigh love, two metal artists. that's a fire cannon up top that can send off a nice 15' blast when fully charged. the interior chandelier is constructed of a brass chandelier and a dozen or so deconstructed brass lamps, tuna can lids, and drawer pulls. those four pillars on the bottom are trees gathered from the lazy T ranch (the family farm) in southern oregon.


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